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  • 2016: Kenzie & Mikey (Humber College)

  • 2014: Solitaire (Humber College)

  • 2013: Burnt-Out Bradley (Humber College)


Camera Assistant:

  • 2015: Thank You for Calling (Humber College)


Script Supervisor:

  • 2014: Humidor (Drew Tapley)

  • 2012: 4:30 (Clint Murphy)



Diploma: Film and Television Production (Sept. 2012 - present)

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Toronto, Canada

Relevant Courses:

  • Screenwriting

  • Directing

  • Independent Production

  • Visual Effects


Bachelor of Arts: Cinema Studies (1990-2005)

University of Toronto

Toronto, Canada



  • Experience in production of short films, both student films and independent

  • Highly skilled at screenwriting for films and TV

  • Good at working in teams

  • Able to put in long hours

  • Able to work with minimal supervision

  • Skilled in Microsoft Word, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Celtx










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