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It's almost that time!

Is everyone sweating yet? I know I am.

That's because we're coming to the end of the semester (and the program!) for Film and TV Production at Humber College. It's been a long haul and a lot of effort, a lot of working weekends and sleepless nights for everyone. Through it all we've had successes to celebrate and failures to learn from. Trust me: if you can make it all the way through several years of almost unrelenting effort, you can make it in the film and TV industry.

Even with the end of the program in sight, when it may be tempting to slack off, it's even more tempting to slack off for a good long time. I might feel that I've earned a rest, but after that rest it's time to get back to the grind! Starting a career is no easy task and keeping up a career is even harder. It's even harder than that when you're a freelancer!

So, some thoughts and advice for those who are interested:

* Have clear goals. As that great philosopher Yogi Berra said, "If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there."

* Get a plan. Stick to that plan as closely as possible, but not so closely that it gets in the way of achieving your goal (after all, circumstances can arise where this is the case).

* Get into a routine. Stick to that routine as closely as possible, but not so closely that ... well, see "Get a plan" above for the rest.

* Whatever happens, keep going. There are going to be times when the journey will be difficult and there will be times when it won't be fun. When this happens, just keep going forward and reminding yourself that, sooner or later, it will get better.

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