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When you start out on a new career, it's important that people know who you are. You want to build a reputation and persuade people to come to you when they need help with something in whatever your field is. One way to promote yourself is with a web site such as the one I have. It's hard work, though, getting your name out and getting people to come to your site. (Costs money, too.) It also requires a healthy amount of self-discipline.

So you push your sleeves up. You add videos to your site to attract interest. You shell out cash and credit. You link your site to various web sites and search engines (once you've mastered the intricacies, of which there are many, to do that). It can be a big headache, but it has to be done.

It may even be that you come close to missing a deadline for a blog post, and the best you can do is to end with a feeble little sentence and promise anyone who may be reading that you'll be back tomorrow with a better post.

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