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Self-Promotion (Part 2)

So it's not quite the next day, but rather nearly a week later before you post what you were going to say. This will certainly not improve other people's perception of you, but what it will do, even if ironically, is highlight the need for self-discipline in managing your public image.

Basically, all your talent will be for nought if the world doesn't know that your talent exists. Thus the importance of the business cards, the videos and the blog. Share those thoughts and those talents with the world. Send your video projects to festivals. Put them on Youtube or Vimeo. Write updates on your blog about the progress of your projects.

Do all that, of course, but above all else, keep on doing it.

Keep on doing it even when it seems pointless. Keep on doing it even when people are advising (or shouting for) you to stop. Keep on doing it with the faith that it will pay off sooner or later (maybe even much later). Even if Van Gogh sold only one painting in his life, he still kept it up ... and even if his success was posthumous, it was still success. (Yours will more than likely come a lot earlier.)

You can make an impression ... and you won't have to cut off your ear to do it, either.

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