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Just finished watching the last episode of The Night Manager. It's easily one of the best TV miniseries I've ever seen. The plot (which concerns the intrigues and double dealing going on as British intelligence recruits the English night manager of a Swiss hotel to help them stop a British arms dealer who would literally kill to make a sale) is mostly pretty compelling, the direction by Susanne Bier is terrific and the performances are universally excellent, particularly Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie and Elizabeth Debicki, an Australian actress I'd never heard of before. It's no surprise to me that Hiddleston and Laurie won awards for their performances, but it's a shame that Debicki didn't. 

The plot is so intricate that several movie studios tried and failed to turn it into a coherent two-hour movie. (As with other movies and TV series based on John le Carre's novels, not all the intrigues are on the ground -- a lot of them are in the halls of MI6 itself.) That said, the ending is a bit of a letdown -- some audience wish fulfillment after nearly six full episodes of hard-nosed le Carrean cynicism -- but the rest of the series is so good that it's a tiny blemish at worst

The Night Manager

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